Simpson's Hospital Visitor Procedures

Simpson’s Hospital Visiting Procedures from 8th February 2022

All visitors will have to adhere with these procedures which have been developed with regard to the most recent HSE HPSC guidelines.  

Where possible please book your visit in advance. This will allow us to manage footfall in the building and to have the resident ready for the visit.

Window visits

  • Window visits do not need to be booked in advance.
  • There are no limits to the number of Window visits any resident can have.
  • There are no restrictions to the number of visitors at the window other than the public health restrictions that are in place at the time.

Indoor Visits

  • Indoor visits can be booked with Geraldine or Emmet. If you do not book your visit in advance the visitors’ rooms may not be available. Visits can take place in the resident’s bedrooms.
  • 2 persons can visit at any time.
  • A visitor can be accompanied by a person under 18.
  • Visits will be Monday to Sunday and will last for a maximum of 30 minutes in the visitors’ room. There is no time limit on bedroom visits.
  • Visitors will enter by the front door to the old building.
  • Visitors will sanitise their hands and be temperature checked on entry.
  • Visitors will complete a visitor self-declaration form confirming they have no Covid-19 symptoms and are not self-isolating.
  • Visitors will sign the Visitors Book with their own pen.
  • To protect our residents against asymptomatic transmission of Covid-19 we are asking visitors to wear a mask at all times while in Simpson’s.
  • Visitors are not permitted to consume food or drinks during the visit.

Outdoor Visits

  • Outdoor visits will have the same self-declaration checks as indoor visits.
  • Vaccinated visitors do not have to maintain social distancing. Unvaccinated visitors are required to maintain social distancing but do not need to wear a mask.
  • Indoor visits can be changed to outdoor visits. Please do this in advance, otherwise there may be a delay in getting the resident ready and this may reduce visiting time.
  • Visitors are asked to adhere to public health guidelines during their visit.

Car Trips

  • Car trips can be booked with Geraldine or Emmet. If you do not book a car trip in advance there may be a delay in getting the resident ready for the trip.
  • The relative taking the resident out will be subject to the same checks as indoor visits.
  • The relative will have to self-declare that they will abide by all current public health measures in effect at the time.

Nominated Support Person

  • Each resident can have one Nominated Support Person. This person must be confirmed to Geraldine or Emmet.
  • The Nominated Support Person will be subject to the same infection prevention and control measures as other visitors.

        Antigen Testing

  • HPSC guidelines state that occasional visitors should consider self-testing for Covid-19 before visiting. Regular visitors should consider testing twice weekly.

Visitors are entering the building at their own risk and must accept that they may inadvertently be exposed to infection during their visit.

Visitors must accept personal responsibility with respect to their obligation to help protect the person they visit, other residents and staff.

Any visitors who do not strictly adhere to all these procedures will be asked to leave and may not be permitted further visits.